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Postgraduate in Political and Institutional Communication


Postgraduate degree from the UAB and managed by the Institute of Political and Social Sciences, in collaboration with the Barcelona Provincial Council.


This postgraduate course aims to train students in the analysis of electoral campaigns with a special emphasis on the organization of political communication, while offering tools to manage communication in the specific field of local government and institutional.


This postgraduate course is part of the studies contained in the Master's in Political Marketing.


2021-2022 (16th edition)


Director: Gabriel Colomé, UAB


From March 3 to October 21, 2022


This postgraduate course is structured in three thematic modules


  • Communication: Communication Organization, Political Discourse, Politic and Media
    Campaigns: Campaigns, Politics and Image
    Institutional: Governmental relationships, Management of Institucional communications


See the program, calendar for more information.


Pre-registration fee: € 325 (start date 01/10/2021) (deadline 02/03/2022)


Registration fee : € 2,300 (start date 10/29/2021) (deadline 02/03/2022)