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Truffle season on the Claris Terrace

The Claris Hotel & Spa’s restaurant pays homage to the black truffle these days with a tasting menu.

From February 23rd to March 13th, Hotel Claris & Spa offers a seasonal menu featuring black truffles. The restaurant La Terraza del Claris offers these gastronomic days as a tribute to this exclusive ingredient that is associated with the world of luxury and that today is considered the quintessential flavoring.

This menu presents the truffle in different textures, cooking, presentations, always looking for all the nuances of its aroma. The seasonal menu includes the following dishes: Txangurro “strike” omelette and black truffle; artichokes, black garlic parmentier, white butter, muscat and truffled romesco; seasonal mushrooms, egg donuts, shrimp and black truffle; tear peas, hake kokotxas in their pil-pil and black truffle; Rossini steak, Périgord and black truffle; and for dessert the textures of chocolate, caramel and truffle.

Under the creative direction of Aurelio Morales (Michelin star for Cebo, at the Hotel Urban in Madrid), chef Martín Muchnik prepares his recipes based on fresh and seasonal products. Morales has chosen Melanosporum, for its aroma, flavor and culinary versatility. "Unlike white, black withstands temperature and supports fatty products. We incorporate it directly into the different dishes to present very tasty and balanced dishes ", explains the chef. This menu with black truffle consolidates the restaurant as a gastronomic reference in Barcelona, ​​thanks to its firm commitment to seasonal products.

The space offers spaciousness, views and a restoration proposal that adapts to both the local public and the visitor. Central and open all year round, the Claris Terrace ends the autumn-winter season with a menu dedicated to this ephemeral and beloved ingredient of gastronomy. Tuber melanosporum, the truffle, a genus of mushrooms in the family Tuberaceae, has very attractive medicinal and food properties due to its abundance of vitamins and minerals. The use of truffles in cooking dates back to the Egyptians, and has been attributed aphrodisiac properties throughout history.