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Devicare enters the pharma industry

The entrance to the Pharmacy has been carried out with the collaboration of the company DIFEFAC PHARMA, with extensive experience in the point of sale.

Devicare, one of the leading biotech companies in urology in Spain, which has recently closed a financing round with Advanced MedTech Holdings, continues its growth plan by entering the Pharmacy for the first time with the launch of the products Nodorin® 30 ml and Urogelus® 125 ml for urological hygiene.

In order to ensure the presence of these products in all pharmacies and wholesalers in Spain, Devicare has reached an agreement with Difefac Pharma, a leading company in the distribution and exclusive marketing of pharmacy and parapharmacy products.

According to Rosendo Garganta (CEO of Devicare): "The agreement with Difefac Pharma allows us to explore with guarantees a new distribution channel in which we believe a lot to help patients with urological problems are well served, and have access to the best products on the market to improve their quality of life.

According to Robert Bou (CEO of Difefac Pharma): "We are excited about this agreement with Devicare because it allows us to add to our portfolio truly innovative products, which are supported with clinical evidence, and are widely recommended for urologists in our country. We look forward to making these products available to as many pharmacists and urological patients as soon as possible.