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The SCALIBUR project: Towards a revolution in the recovery of bio-waste

The SCALIBUR project, an acronym for Scalable Technologies for Bio-Urban waste Recovery, is made up of 21 partners from 8 European countries of different scope (research centers, universities, local government, waste managers and companies) among which is a Catalan company, the spin-off of the UAB AERIS Tecnologies Ambientals. The project aims to take a step forward in the transition towards a circular economy in Europe, increasing technological viability and industrial applicability in the field of recovery of urban organic waste through strategic cooperation between various sectors. SCALIBUR, docs, aims to contribute to two European challenges: reducing landfill deposits and achieving a circular economy by 2030.

SCALIBUR presents an innovative concept for the recovery of three important sources of organic waste: the organic fraction of urban solid waste (FORSU) collected selectively, organic waste from the HORECA channel and supermarkets and sewage sludge from the urban wastewater treatment plants. From this waste, high added value bioproducts such as proteins, lipids, chemical products, bioplastics and biopesticides will be obtained through innovative and ecological processes.

Aeris is the entity in charge of validating and demonstrating the production of biopesticides using the Solid State Fermentation process (SSF) from the solid fraction obtained through enzymatic hydrolysis of the organic fraction of urban solid waste. (FORSU). Currently, laboratory-scale tests are being carried out to optimize operating conditions in terms of temperature, aeration, homogenization, etc. and thus maximize the production of this biopesticide, a task for which the vast experience of the GICOM research group is being invaluable. These tests will be the basis for the subsequent realization of the process scaling.

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