contador de visitas gratis AMICS UAB-The UAB launches a more modern and accessible website

The UAB launches a more modern and accessible website

The UAB launches a new home page and inner pages. It now offers a modern platform that seeks to provide optimal navigation and improvements for users. Moreover, its new design works towards an improved accessibility, with the aim of making it easier to find and view content.

With this newly designed presentation of the UAB's contents, the university also marks a change in communication and the audience it aims to reach, given that emphasis is now also put on external audiences and a strengthening of the UAB brand.

These improvements in the visual contents and accessibility are important elements providing support to our multimedia and audiovisual resources, to the adaptation for mobile devices, the use of analytical tools applied to user navigation, and more particularly, to the visibility of the UAB website in search engines.

Other new aspects offered in the website are the shortcuts for each of the UAB's different groups, the virtual campus site and the media, with the aim of improving navigation for each type of user and also providing more specific information for different audiences.


The contents are organised into five sections: Studying, Research, International, Life on campus and About the UAB. A completely new section, International, was created to strengthen this aspect of the UAB by making academic and research programmes and activities more visible for the international community.