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AmicsUAB - February 2021

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February 2021

Cursa UAB
UAB Solidarity race

If you become an AmicsUAB member with the #cursasolidariauab, your quota will go entirely to the fight against COVID 19

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Claris gathering



The incidence of photonics in medicine

February 23rd - Hotel Claris 

Lluís Torner

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Universitat Opina



Reactivació econòmica i social   Mecanismes de confrontació
Session 6: The Covid-19 changes economic paradigms   Session 7: For a European health union

February 11st - Streaming

Carles Manera

Cecilia Castaño

Manel Manchón

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February 25th - Streaming

Domènec Ruiz Devesa

Carme Valls-LLobet


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Pobressa bcn

Social inequality and poverty in the metropolis of Barcelona

February 17th - Streaming

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Gala AmicsUAB online

Virtual tour throught IRTA-CReSA installations

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Knowledge pills


Jordi Sort   Ona Tribó
Magneto-lonic: an impetus for energy savings   Project re-WINE

Jordi Sort

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Ona Tribó

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Relive our activities

Antvacunes   SCIEX

Denialism and vaccines

  Technologies that accelerate market access and new pharmacs

January 14th

Antoni Sitges - Serra, Victoria Camps and Milàgros Pérez-Oliva



January 21st

Ferran Sánchez

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  salut i tampes de gènere i pobresa

Brexit and now what?


Health and the traps of gender and poverty

January 25th

Hèctor Sánchez and Llàtzer Cañizer



January 28th

Carme Valls-Llobet, Carme Borrell and Josep Martí



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Portes obertes   Nou grau
Register for the Online Open Days   The UAB presents a new degree in Artificial Intelligence

On Friday 12th and Saturday 13th February the University opens its doors for the news students.

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Artificial intelligence needs the incorporation of new professionals

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UAB environment

Llibres-e a prova   FAS
E-books a prova are back, you decide!   The Solidarity Fund opens new calls expanding the endowment

This year, UAB libraries have more than 53,000 e-books available for trial!

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The FAS publishes the regulatory bases of the two calls of the Solidarity Fund.

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Other interesting entities

Radiologia fujifilm
The Vall d’Hebron University Hospital in Barcelona welcomes the new mobile digital radiology units

Three Fujifilm FDR-Nano direct digital radiology equipment is incorporated into the Pediatric Radiology Service.

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