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The PUC (Consortium Loan) is back!

From January 17, you can request documents from other PUC institutions through the Search Engine and pick them up at your preferred UAB library.

The PUC (Consortium Loan) will be back in operation, starting on January 17, with a new management computer system, in the adaptation phase.

The PUC is a free, fast and easy document loan service. Thanks to the PUC, the user can obtain documents that he does not find in his institution or that are on loan at that time. Applications can be made:

  • Directly, through the UAB Library Search Engine. You will need to select the CCUC / PUC option in the search box drop-down. When you locate the document, press the "Request for PUC" button.
  • Visiting the library where the documents are located. You can borrow them by presenting your UAB card. This face-to-face method is known as an on-site loan.

How many documents from other institutions can I borrow at a time? Up to 10 documents

For how long? 21 days

Can they be renewed? Yes, up to 6 times for 21-day periods, as long as the deadline has not expired, you are not blocked and the document has not been reserved by another person. You can do this from your Search Engine account.

Where to return them? At any UAB library or at the library that owns the document.

For web-based applications, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • In the document application form, select the UAB library where you want to collect it.
  • The system automatically chooses the institution that will lend the document.
  • In the event that the document cannot be provided, you will receive a cancellation notice by e-mail and almost immediately.
  • From your account in the Search Engine you can consult the status of your loans and your applications, both the UAB documents and those requested by PUC.

You will receive notifications of PUC loans in your email, which will be sent to you by the institution that owns the document.

If you have PUC loans pending repayment before the summer of 2021, you will find them in your account, with a return date of February 1, 2022.

Do you want a document that is available at another institution? With the PUC, you can!

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