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The professor of chemical engineering Javier Lafuente, elected new rector of the UAB

Professor Javier Lafuente Sancho has been elected rector of the UAB for the next four years, according to the provisional results of the elections which, for the first time, have been held by electronic vote, and which took place on 27th and 28th of October. Javier Lafuente will succeed Margarita Arboix, who has been the rector of the UAB until now.

The overall turnout was 11.47% (4,405 votes cast).

By sectors, in sector A 868 voters have voted (67.44% of the total), with 674 votes to the candidate; in sector B, 612 (20.39%), with 432 votes to the candidate; in sector C, 2,117 (6.62%), with 1,336 votes for the candidate; and in sector D, 808 (37.92%), with 428 votes to the candidate.

In the elections four years ago, the overall turnout was 10.74%.

38,361 members of the university community had the right to vote: 1,285 voters in sector A, 2,967 in sector B, 31,979 in sector C, and 2,130 in sector D. The proclamation of the final results by the UAB General Electoral Board will take place on October 30th. All the results by centers and sectors can be consulted on the website

The rector is elected by the university community by free universal suffrage. The vote is weighted, according to the provisions of the Organic Law of Universities, as follows: Sector A (doctoral professors with permanent links to the University), 51%; Sector B (other academic staff and research staff in training who perform teaching functions), 9%; Sector C (undergraduate and postgraduate students), 30%; and Sector D (administration and services staff), 10%.

Professor of Chemical Engineering

Javier Lafuente (Barcelona, ​​1960), professor of the Department of Chemical, Biological and Environmental Engineering, graduated from the UAB in chemical sciences, specializing in technical chemistry, in 1982, and received his doctorate cum laude in chemical engineering. in 1988, under the direction of professors Manel Poch (UdG) and Carles Solà (UAB).

He is director of the Research Group on Biological Treatment of Liquid and Gaseous Effluents, Elimination of Nutrients, and Volatile Organic Compounds and Odors (GENOCOV), and director of the technology transfer center of the TECNIO network of the Generalitat de Catalunya Technology Center for Comprehensive Treatment of Gaseous Emissions, Liquid Effluents and Solid Waste (BIO-GLS). Lafuente has worked at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Boston, the Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble (INP), the University of California (UC) and the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) in Chicago.

His research has focused on the application of biological systems to the treatment of contaminated effluents. He is the author of 141 publications in indexed journals with more than 3,500 citations and has directed 12 doctoral theses and numerous final year projects. It has also created two spin-off companies of an environmental nature for the application of leading technologies in the treatment of effluents. In terms of management, he has been director of the research group, director of the Department, and vice-rector for Innovation and Strategic Projects since 2016.

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